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Family Tree

I come from a large family, with four sisters and one brother (lucky guy,> huh?!).   My Mum and Dad emigrated from Ireland to Australia in 1961.  My Mum's father (Grandad) was living in Brisbane at the time, so Mum and Dad first settled in Queensland, living in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, in Bundaberg and then in Maryborough.  By 1977 the family had moved to Melbourne, where we've been based ever since.

My parents' names are Joan and Peter, and my brother and sisters (in order of birth) are Kathy, Jim, Janet, Lynda (I was born five minutes afterLynda - we're identical twins) and Patricia.

My brother, and my twin sister, are both married with children.  Jim is married to Debbie and they have three boys, Andrew, Lachlan and Simon. Lynda is married to Pat Williams and they have two children, Laura and Michael.

Mum, Dad and three of my sisters live about 20 minutes away from me, in Deer Park.   Jim, Debbie and the boys are five minutes away, in the same suburb as me, Hoppers Crossing.  Lynda, Pat and their children are less than 10 minutes away, in the neighbouring suburb of Werribee.  It's great to have the family so close.  At different times Kathy, Jim, Debbie and I have lived quite a distance away, Kathy in Warracknabeal, Mildura and Darwin over a period of 10 years, Jim and Debbie in Robinvale for two years and me, for four years in Ireland and then a year in Brisbane.

If you want to know more about the Australian Creaners, check out the web sites below.   Also, Noel Creaner, my second cousin who lives in Ireland, has done some terrific research into our family tree.  One of these days I will manage to get the information up on this web site and you will be able to check our Creaner connections around the world (that's the great thing about an uncommon surname!).

Lynda Williams (my twin sister)

Kathy Creaner (my big sister, who created my website for me)

Creaner Family Website (for the non-computer literate family members)
This is temporarily off line, but will be back on soon.  We have our own domain name now, and you will be able to find us at  Watch this space!

Kayte Web Design & Consulting (Kathy's business website)