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I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  It's a great city, known as the Garden City, and famous for its many parks and wonderful lifestyle.  (Yes, it is better than Sydney.)

Some people have the mistaken impression that Melbourne has terrible weather.   Melbourne has terrific weather - where else would you have a current topic of conversation four times a day, every day.

PS.  Did you know that there were 365x4 seasons?

I live in Hopper's Crossing, named after Mr Hopper, who manned the railway gates on the Geelong line for many years.  (I forget his first name, but I'll add that in when I've looked it up again.)

Two of the most famous local attractions (not the railway crossing) are Werribee Mansion, built by the Chirnsides in the 1840s, and Victoria's Open Range Zoo at Werribee, where I used to be a volunteer zoo guide.